Q:  What if I'm not in town for the Back to School sale on January 6-8? 

 A:  We are open all the time at SouthBeltTextbooks.com. All orders placed on that weekend are eligible for the sale. 


Q:  How long do I get to keep the rental?

A:  Rentals are due by the day after the Spring semester ends May 12th by 6:00 pm.


Q:  I will not have my money to pay for the books on the sale weekend. What should I do? 

A:  No worries, we have a no-cost deferred payment program. Just bring your ID/license and debit/credit card when you pick up your books and we will charge the card on February 10th.


Q:  I like to buy my books instead of renting because I may need them. Why should I rent?

A:  We have a no-risk rental which means your full rental price can be applied to the purchase price at the end of the semester.  For example, if the rental price is $25 and the purchase price is $75, you would pay $50 to keep the book at the end of the semester.


Q: What if I go to class and end up not needing a book?

A: Students have until Friday, January 20th to return or exchange their books for a full refund.